How A Good Pillow Can Solve Your Sleep Apnea

pillowChoosing a pillow for your neck pain is another huge consideration. Most neck pain pillows aren’t really suited for stomach sleepers though and this is for a good reason. Stomach sleepers tend to suffer more from neck pain as opposed to any other type of sleepers. The reason for this is that your back will be arched backwards in an unnatural position, contrary to the direction of your spine. This means that your spine is under constant pressure all the time, and after a while, your spine will start having issues. Your neck which is directly connected to your spine will be experiencing pain as well. If you are a stomach sleeper by nature, it might be time to switch to a healthier sleeping position before you choose to get a new pillow. Who knows? By then your neck pain problem might have disappeared entirely.

As a side sleeper though, I can sympathise with my readers when they tell me of their persistent neck pain that never goes away until the evenings, which then sadly returns the very next morning. In order to effectively cure your neck pain, you have to search for the right pillow.